Ten Water Play Activities
Next month starts the beginning of our fourth year stationed here in Charleston. And I'm still not used to this constant, terrible heat and humidity. (continue reading...)

How to Use Prefolds
I heart cloth diapers. Especially prefolds.  (continue reading...)

Keep the Carseat Cool
Before baby, I didn't mind the hot, horrible, sticky interior of a vehicle on a summer's day here in Charleston. Not as much as I do now, anyway. (continue reading...)

Rusty Fire Pit Rescue
So every few weeks during the summer the local housing "allows" the base families to have a yard sale day. I'm not a huge yard sale junkie but I do occasionally check them out. Occasionally I even find something I want. Like a rusty old fire pit. (continue reading...)

Spring Cleaning List
That dreaded time of year has come. Actually, I passed it a month and a half ago when spring actually started here in SC. But that's besides the point. It's spring cleaning time here in the Rowe household.  Usually I'm pretty on the ball about this sort of thing. I cleaned businesses and hotel rooms in high school and college so I can get a little crazy about mess and dirt and creepy things. (continue reading...)

Three Minute Flower Chalkboard Labels
Like a lot of people, I'm a big fan of the chalk craze that's going around so I decided to make some chalk labels to add to my kitchen jars. I liked the look of these Pier1 containersbut I wanted them to be removable so that I could wash the jars, and didn't want to paint them myself. Here's what I did. (continue reading...)

Easy Ikea Bookshelf Redo
We both really love reading and books. A lot. The only problem with that is that every time we move we have to move a dozen full, heavy boxes of books with us. So I bought this Ikea bookshelf from someone on the Charleston Navy Marketplace on Facebook back in September before we moved to new housing for $10. (continue reading...)

Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Basket
While deciding what to do for an easter basket for Lizzie, I came across these lovely Pottery-Barn baskets. Lovely and very expensive.  I wasn't completely in love with any of them so I wasn't willing to shell out $24 for the liners and more for the baskets themselves. (continue reading...)

Baby Valentine's Day Pictures
So it was a beautiful day in Charleston last Sunday and I thought it would be a great day to go downtown and get some pictures for Valentine's Day later this week.  Andrew had one of his rare weekends off so I convinced him to come along. (continue reading...)

Ugly Christmas Tin Redo
Every year I receive a few Christmas tins from friends and family filled with baked goodies. And every year I end up saving those Christmas tins, certain that I will find a use for them...but they are just so ugly. So this year I decided to actually do something about it.  (continue reading...)

DIY Christmas Baby Photo Shoot
I'm pretty picky about my pictures, so I'd hate to spend a lot of money on a photographer and come out with something I'm not happy with.  The result it that I end up doing my own shoots most of the time. I did Lizzie's birth announcement a few months ago and decided to do a simple Christmas one this week with a few easy props in my house. (continue reading...)

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