Friday, January 9, 2015

Two Minute Attic Solution

Some things in this house, I know I'll have to deal with, for years maybe until we save up to get them changed/replaced. Mainly the horrible flooring in every single room. And then there are things that it seems pretty silly not to change out. Especially when it's so cheap and takes me almost no time at all.

Like replacing the attic cord system to remove this ugly cord.

And also making sure that that GIANT GAPING HOLE on the attic door doesn't suck out all the hot air this winter. (There's a tent for that! Duck Brand attic tent. Five minute assembly. See?)

Seriously, it is so easy to fix.

After a quick search for a sexier cord, I came across this.

 Lowes online. $20. Never having lived anywhere with a pull-down attic before, I never even realized that there was a no-cord attic solution. This means that my 6' 4" husband should no longer be running into that ugly cord, and I can destroy it. 

Installation was so easy. The whole start-to-finish literally took me two minutes. With one minute being a desperate search for a pair of scissors. (Seriously, where do those things always go?)

Just screw it into the old cord hole...

...and hang up the hook in the closet.

Boom! Done!

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