Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY Wall-Mounted Book Displays

A few months ago, I was eagerly looking through my latest copy of HGTV Magazine. Seriously, I love it! Of course, they always have the section of the back where they feature outrageously gorgeous homes that are most definitely out of my budget. But they do give me ideas. One girl's room had some crazy book displays that I just fell in love with and felt inspired by.

I suppose I've also been seeing these Ikea-spice rack hacks too for a while, but they would be much too small to fit much of anything. We have a lot of books. In fact, the only things I couldn't find storage for after the move are our remaining six totes full of books. I have dreams about full-wall built-in bookcases and comfy leather seats in front of a fire. But not for this house.

The hunt was on. Target had something, but it wasn't long enough. Ikea had something, but for how many I had in mind, it would have been over $100. Here's my solution.

I went to Lowe's and bought several 1"x2"x6' pieces of wood. You need three pieces for each shelf you would like to make. By buying the cheapest grade wood, I only spent around $36 for all my panels, but given the choice to do it again I would maybe buy a slightly better grade just because the sanding portion isn't as nice with the white wood. 

Next, I painted all the pieces with Zinsser CoverStain Primer (Gold Label). Then sand down any parts which still look a little creepy. 

After sanding, I used the Paddle Bits to drill some holes for the screws before screwing all pieces together. After they were screwed together, I used wood putty to fill the holes then painted them in the same white that I've been using on my trim. 

I just drilled them right to the studs and I'm so happy how they turned out! 

Unfortunately, all these bookcases only hold about 25% of her books, you can see the rest in her closet, but it makes a great display! 

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