Monday, June 16, 2014

House Hunting

Pinterest and the internet are bad things when house hunting. Everything is so beautiful and expensive. 

Luckily, the internet is also a great and wonderful place for DIYers. So if you can't buy it you can make it, right? RIGHT?

Time will tell whether or not my obsession with HGTV,  View Along the Way, Young House Love, and It's Great To Be Home are a good thing or not. I think my "tear-down-these-walls" attitude has infected Andrew too, but that's okay. We found a house. And it's a "tear-down-these-walls and rip-up-these-walls" kind of house.

These walls are going bye-bye. And so is all that carpet. ALL of it.

We still have many steps in the process left before we officially have the keys, but I'm all ready channeling my inner Leslie Knope and have created a fancy project binder. And it's all ready about 50 pages long. Yes, I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Fingers crossed! 

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