Friday, January 31, 2014

SC "Snowpocalypse"

 This is our fourth winter in South Carolina. Coming from Wisconsin, as much as am not a fan of the mid-summer SC "so-humid-you-think-you're-swimming" weather, I am really a fan of the normal January weather here. It's nice and cool and wonderful to rub in my Wisconsin family's face. 
The weather's so nice in fact, that people LOSE THEIR MIND if they get a little cold weather. Of course, I'm referring to SC idea of "cold." And I was all ready annoyed hearing about it before the recent "Snowpocalypse." Now I'm sick to death about hearing about it. 

The cold snap and potential dangerous driving conditions lasted from Tuesday night to Wednesday afternoon. Yet, things were still closed on Thursday due to the "cold." Not that I was complaining, as Andrew was nice enough to get a few extra days off work, but it is a little excessive to close shop from the cold when the roads are completely clear, right?

For us, the weather was little more than an inconvenience. We were without power for almost 12 hours, giving us a chilly house on Wednesday, but other than that no harm done. However, after seeing the state at a standstill for three days and losing power for 12 hours from a little ice, I'm praying that we can miss out on the hurricane season action one more time. 

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