Monday, January 20, 2014

I Just Did What?

This week Lizzie went through one of those weird crazy phases which I've come to realize mark the start of a whole new era in how she reacts to the world. It's nice when I realize it's happening at the start of the phase, instead of simply being dragged along for the ride. This way, I can mentally prepare myself to either up my game or have a little nervous breakdown.

Lizzie vs. Baking Soda
She has been nonstop into everything this week. I had thought for the past few months that we were all ready at the nonstop go-go-GO phase. I was wrong. So, so wrong. This week I've been her personal jungle gym, she (and the dog) have become escape artists, and she has taken up her own idea of decorating. Which basically means that nothing looks good unless it is covered in a mess that will take mommy 15 minutes or more to pick up. As I'm typing this she has taken it upon herself to shed one of my old magazines into tiny, tiny ribbons of curls that I will later need to painstakingly pick up. And right now, I'm okay with it. Because each new ribbon of magazine corpse gives me another minute where I can get some work done.

The week has coincided with a wonderful fresh set of teeth (aka no sleeping) and a growth spurt. 

And after days and days of being worn down, I finally did something despicable. I bribed her with a cookie. I was cooking breakfast and she was begging for her water. I didn't even think about what I was doing until it was too late and the cookie was in her mouth. It didn't work anyway. After five seconds she was banging on the refrigerator again.  Is that who I am now? A briber? Touché small human. You won that battle. It's clear that mommy needs to up her game. 
This room was 100% clean at the beginning of this post.

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