Monday, January 6, 2014

A Very Quiet Christmas and New Years

Ahh, finally. The whole darn Christmas season is over. My decorations are away. And I can actually go back in public without feeling like an antisocial nut job because there are SO MANY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. Seriously, where does everyone come from in December? 

My "I'm so over this" attitude is, I think, best shown in this picture with Santa at our Little Gym. I think Lizzie also shared my sentiments.

Am I baring my teeth?

No, I don't hate Christmas. But it started so early this year. There was Christmas music in the Commissary as soon as Halloween was over. And as much as I love rubbing the "ha-ha-I'm-still-in-shorts" weather in my Wisconsin friends' faces, I miss snow! 

This was the last picture on our camera from our Toddler Christmas Pictures. The look on her face clearly says "I'm so over this crap. I need a cuddle and a nap."

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