Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Toddler Christmas Pictures

Last year, I guess I had it easy. Who knew that it would be much better to take cute, posed pictures of a tiny human being who couldn't even crawl than an on-the-go toddler with opinions of her own?  (See last year's Christmas pictures.)

So I'm running a little late on the cards.

For our first attempt at cards, I thought it would be a good idea to simply take a ton of pictures at the tree farm when we cut down our tree. Cute, right? I think I took about 100 pictures and mostly ended up with what you see on the right. And the one or two cute ones that we did get have so much sass in them, we decided we would have to give it another go. 

From the tree farm experience, I decided that my strategy would need to be to simply snap pictures constantly. And feed her M&Ms. As she's never experienced the deliciousness of peanut butter M&Ms, they essentially worked well as toddler crack. She was hamming it up. 

By constantly snapping pictures, I missed out much less frequently on those rare, smile-at-the-camera shots that I lost out on our tree farm experience. Note: we have a Digital SLR so we can do this without getting blurry pictures. We even have one of those fancy settings that just automatically shoots 10 pictures with one click. If you have a small human and no high-speed camera, you will need to borrow one. I wish you luck. 

Eventually, through the right combination of M&Ms, luck, and great late-afternoon natural light, we managed to get the shots I needed for the Christmas card. I only took 300 or so this time. 

Here's my big winner this year:

I'm a fan of black and white, so while it looks good in color, this particular shot looks great this way. Though through the power of M&Ms, we did end up with quite a few to choose from. And I finally have the cards ordered. (Though I had to pay for express shipping. Boo!)

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