Saturday, November 2, 2013

Please, Don't Talk to My Daughter

This is a DOG, not a Woof-Woof.
No, I'm not antisocial. I really don't mind other parents or people talking to my daughter, in spite of the title of this post. The title refers very specifically to anyone who tries to baby talk my child.

Let me clarify. When I mean baby talk, I'm talking very specifically about using nonsense words like "nunu," whatever that means. 

Nothing gets under my skin quite like baby talk. Creepy when used by adults to other adults and condescending when used by adults to children, it not only insults my child's intelligence, but also forces me to question the intelligence of the speaker.

To the mother at the playgroup who "helpfully" pointed out the "swide" and "baba" for my daughter, please stop talking. As terrible as it sounds, those two words alone insure that I will not be seeking your friendship. (What were you referring to when you were talking about "baba" anyway?) 

If you've ever spent any real time around a toddler learning to speak, you'll realize that baby talk is completely unnecessary. Sure, it's cute when Lizzie calls her drink a "dink." That doesn't mean I ask her if she wants a dink. I don't correct her mispronunciation. I simply ask if she would like a drink. 

The only people who should be allowed to use baby talk are babies. But if you insist on using baby talk with children, please don't talk to my daughter.

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  1. I hate it when people speak that way to my kids. I wish I could tell them and not just stand there and smile fakingly.