Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No, We Won't Be Home For the Holidays

'Tis the season…for military families to get the guilt trip. It should come as no surprise for to certain family members that after years of being in the military, we just aren't coming home this year. We love Christmas and Thanksgiving. We love spending time with our families. However, it's hard for Andrew to get leave, and we really don't want to spend hundreds of additional dollars to fly or drive back to Wisconsin. 

We've done it. And we're over the holiday travel crap. The 5,000 required family events. Driving on icy roads. Our mothers going head to head about which one gets Christmas eve. 

This year I get Christmas eve. (Ha!) We can still watch It's a Wonderful Life, we can make hot cocoa, and we can open presents via Skype. We are good at Skype. We're military. Heck, we are still going to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree. Even though it will have to be Carolina Pine because Fraser Fir doesn't grow in the Lowcountry.

So sorry grumpy relative. Your selfish blow up about us not being at grandma's Christmas day will not change our mind. (You only want our presence on the holidays anyway.) We are going to have a peaceful, relaxing holiday with our little lady. 

And of course, Christmas feels just a little lame without snow. But we can always decorate our palm tree.

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