Sunday, November 3, 2013

Daylight Savings Time Sucks

daylight savings time
After hearing complaints from my friends with kids for years, I finally understand why they hate daylight savings time so much. It sucks.

We had just finally managed to get Lizzie on some semblance of a bed time routine, and now nap, lunch, dinner, and bed all feel one hour earlier. 

Sure, it was nice getting an extra hour last night. But it's hard to wrap your brain around when your child's internal clock tells her she's waking at 7:00, but it's now suddenly 6:00. In the a.m. 

I know, it's not as upsetting as I'm making it sound. But after well over a year of a difficult sleep schedule with Lizzie, it was finally nice to have some routine, and some time to myself at night. 

The only benefit to this is that this may be a good opportunity to get her up to an 8:00 bedtime. If I'm lucky.

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