Monday, October 28, 2013

Thumb Sucking Fiasco

I swear, this child has a need to suck that rivals vampires. Or the Chicago Bears. It was an epic struggle to break the pacifier habit and weaning was so difficult that she decided to take up thumb sucking. I was okay with the thumb. It was free, she couldn't lose it, and unlike a pacifier I wouldn't have to worry about the dog chewing it up. 

For two months she sucked the heck out of that thumb. It got a little red, then a little calloused. The doctor gave it the okay. And then it got infected. She sucked her thumb so much it got infected. What the heck? 

After a trip to urgent care (don't these things always seem to happen on the weekend?) her disgusting puss-filled thumb was drained and looked better almost instantly. The real question now is whether or not I try and call off the thumb-sucking thing all together and if so, how?

Lizzie isn't even a year and a half. I think that is still an appropriate age to be sucking her thumb, but she is almost violent about it. The poor thumb that wasn't infected got all the love while the infection was healing and it looks raw. Thumb sucking has been a blessing since moving her from the family bed, and I really don't want to backtrack on that amazing progress. Unfortunately going by the red, raw state of her thumbs, I'm thinking that there may be no other choice.

I've heard aloe vera is very effective. Maybe I'll try that first.

Anyone else have thumb sucking trouble? I'd love to hear how you managed to break the habit!

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