Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY Simple Big Bad Wolf Mask For Halloween

After much consideration, we've decided to do family costumes for Halloween. Normally I don't bother dressing up but we thought it would be fun to do Little Red Riding Hood while Lizzie is still too young to have a preference on costume ideas. 

Instead of spending a lot of money on a wolf costume for Andrew, I decided to make a simple mask. 

Here's my supplies: 

A plain mask, four things of faux fur, felt, elastic, a scissors, and a glue gun. 

The Head

  • If your mask doesn't have a headband, attach the elastic headband.
  • On the back side of one of the pieces of fur, use a sharpie and draw around the outline of the mask. Cut out. If the faux fur is very furry, make sure to cut slightly inside the lines or you will obscure some of the eye slits.
  • Draw a simple outline of some ears in sharpie and cut out. I used a little of the black felt and drew two little slivers to glue on top of the ears for definition.

  • Super glue the felt to the ears, then super glue the ears to the back of the mask. Though the super glue would have been enough, I also stapled the ears to the mask to be certain.
  • Super glue the fur to the mask.
  • Use a small bit of the black felt and cut out a small nose. Super glue nose to front.

  • Scare your toddler! ;)

I used the remaining pieces of fur and sewed a simple tail (which we will pin to the back) and two simple front paws. 

Andrew gets the pleasure of wearing this for Halloween while I have to be lame-o grandma. We have a plain grey shirt that will pair nicely with this. 

Overall, this whole project cost less than $10, which I of course LOVE. I'm also glad that with this South Carolina heat we can get something cute that's not bulky or hot. Now for the Red Riding Hood hood...

So scary right? 


  1. Omg thank you so much for this!! My son is going to be the big bad wolf for fairy tail dress up at schoool and now I have a really kool mask to make thanks too you !!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Linda,
      For the paws I just cut out some of the faux fur into the shape of a paw, cut a few nails from the felt and superglued them on. Then I sewed a couple pieces of elastic to each one as a wrap-around. Glad you enjoyed the post! :)

  3. Love this idea! I am going to use white fur. My daughter wants to be a white wolf this year. Thank you.

  4. where did you get the faux fur from?