Sunday, September 29, 2013

Burn! Dealing With My Toddler's Burned Hand

I'm not the type of mom who gets crazy every time Lizzie stubs a toe. I leave to Andrew. But then she burned the s*** out of her hand. Okay, it wasn't a hospital-worthy burn or anything but as it was the first major injury to happen to my sweet little lady, I panicked. 

She touched the exhaust pipe on the Jeep. I was holding her other hand and we were walking around the vehicle, and after I realized what happened, I rushed for the cold water. But you try and convince a one year old in pain to do something like hold her hand in the cold water. It doesn't work and I ended up soaked.

I have almost no experience with burns, so I did the old standbys as my little one was dripping snot and tears on my shoulder: use Google & text all my nursing friends.

Though it ended up being a second degree burn (blisters) it was on a small enough area that it wasn't considered a major burn. Two weeks later it has healed beautifully, mainly because I was able to stop myself from popping the blisters. Thank goodness everything I read said DO NOT pop the blisters because I had no idea! In fact the very small area that she actually did end up popping naturally during play ended up scabbing horribly while the rest seemed to just sink into the skin. Crazy!

Here's the two websites that I found most helpful while trying to ease her pain and help her heal quickly: 

Mayo Clinic: Burns
Web Md

While the burn ended up not bothering her after a few hours, I'm hoping that this won't kick off a string of injury-causing activities   

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  1. Please google Redmond clay and have a bottle hydrated and ready to use immediately after next burn. (Videos on YouTube on how to hydrate clay)
    Then wrap in plastic wrap so clay does not dry out and get all over clothes. I just spilled a boiling pot of water on me and packed wounds on hand and belly in Redmond qbentonite clay and pain subsided with minutes. Replaced daily for 3 days and all blisters reabsorbed and no scaring at all!