Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weaned, a.k.a. My Baby Doesn't Want Me Anymore


A few months ago, we started the weaning process. It was slow going at first, and I think baby girl would probably have been content to keep nursing for another year or two but I was ready to call it quits. I disliked being constantly pinched scratched and bit, and I figured a year of breast feeding is a pretty good commitment. And after the somewhat harrowing process of teaching her to fall asleep on her own, she really had no problem making the transition from tour times a day at a year, to three times at eleven months, twice a day at twelve, and then for the last month and a half just once a day. 

However, by the time we transitioned to once a day my resolve was weakening and I was the one who was becoming reluctant to finally cut it out. She even stopped asking for it before bed time. She was ready, but I was suddenly a little upset that she was just throwing in the towel. What? You're too grown up now for your poor mommy? You don't need me anymore? Come here and snuggle me.  

While I am, of course, proud at how well Lizzie handled this whole process, and am pretty certain that before this long trip up north was the right time to do it, I am of course sad that that part of her life is over so quick. I guess I can only be a clingy mom for so long. It really was a wonderful bonding experience while it lasted

Is My Daughter Too Friendly? 

We finished weaning just a few days before vacation, and this new independent phase is asserting itself in a big way. Lizzie has always been very outgoing but now she is positively friendly. Andrew and I aren't unfriendly people, but we are definitely not people people. Lizzie on the other hand, has started saying "hi" and waving in her sleep. She will grab complete strangers' hands in public and start walking with them. She has no fear of dogs, cats, cars, or anything else that moves. Is this normal behavior? I think I'm in trouble, this child is going to wear me out... 

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