Saturday, August 10, 2013

Baby Ghost Costume for Halloween

Halloween Costume I've been trying for days to think of a cute costume idea for Lizzie this year, and realized I never shared her costume from last year!

I wanted something out of the ordinary...and not some cheap-o baby outfit from Walmart.  The original idea was to have her be a baby Princess Leia, but that ended in disaster a few days before Halloween. So I needed a quick idea and decided to go with a cute ghost I found online. (I can't remember where the website was, but I'd love to credit them if I come across it again.)

This costume is super easy. You will need: a plain white onesie, black & white felt, and a white tutu. There are any number of tutorials on how to make baby tutus online, so I'll just stick with the basics for the onesie ghost.  

Simply punch out some black and white circles for the eyes and mouth. If you like, you can cut out some eyebrows as well.  Either super glue or use some type of fabric adhesive to make the face, and BOOM. DONE! This might be the easiest, cheapest costume you'll ever do. 

Lizzie, her ghost costume, and her awesome 1st pumpkin!
The pumpkin is just her hands and feet. :)