Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ten Toddler Water Play Activities

Next month starts the beginning of our fourth year stationed here in Charleston. And I'm still not used to this constant, terrible heat and humidity. I've been trying to come up with fun outdoor activities to keep us cool without spending a lot of money. Here's a list of 10 water activities we've been doing to keep Lizzie entertained. (Note: Lizzie is only 14 months so most of these are geared toward the younger-end of the toddler range.)

  1. Playing with the hose. This is so, so basic but even a light stream of water is enough to entertain her as she makes puddles and gets the dog wet.
  2. Water "Table." I've been hoarding all these plastic storage containers every time we move so I have quite a collection. Instead of spending money on an actual water table, I just fill one of the shallow ones up and give her some old food storage containers to play with. When I see she wants to get in I move it to the grass in case of tip-overs.
  3. The Pool. Of course! We have an inflatable one that I just barely fill up so she can run around in. It's not enough water to swim in by any means, so if she falls she never gets her face underwater. 
  4. Practice Pouring. Get some plastic cups and have your toddler practice pouring water like they do in this post at Hands On As We Grow.
  5. Water the Plants. Use your own plant waterer or make them their own out of an old milk carton. 
  6. Help Wash the Car! Giant sponge. Bubbles. Water. Need I say more? 
  7. Ice, Ice, Baby. Cheap and easy. The ice in my fridge gets creepy fast so I'm dumping it fairly often anyway. Lizzie loves the contrast between the cold of the ice and the heat of the cement on our porch. Or throw it in your pool and watch it melt.
  8. Go Outside In the Rain. I think it's rained almost every day this summer here in Charleston. As long as it's a only a light rain with no thunder or lightning, we've been out there getting muddy.
  9. Good Old Fashioned Sprinkler. Why waste money on some plastic "kids" sprinkler when the old-fashioned kind is cheaper and can take a beating.
  10. Buckets and Stuff. We have a couple old beach buckets Lizzie loves playing with. I'll add water and find random things in it (leaves, grass, stones, etc.). She loves sorting through it and getting the stuff out, or, depending on her mood, adding to the bucket.

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