Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to Use Prefolds

I heart cloth diapers. Especially prefolds.  

I've been a cloth-diapering mama for over a year now, and I love it. Before I got pregnant, I thought people who used cloth diapers were nuts. During early pregnancy, I considered it, then dismissed it as hippie nonsense my friends were trying to talk me into. By the end of pregnancy I was game. I had done my research. 

I've tried all three of the main types of cloth diapers, prefolds, pockets, and all-in-ones. I like them all, but I find myself going back to the classics with a Snappi and a diaper cover. Why do I love prefolds? Here's my top three reasons: 

  • We have never had a blow out in them. Ever. The times I've had to wipe baby poo off a carseat, stroller, or off my daughter's back were while on vacation in disposables.
  • Very little diaper rash. A couple days, total. Not in a row either, but here or there after a particularly offensive poo.
  • Cost! When people talk about saving tons of money using cloth diapers, they are probably using prefolds. Around $1.25 a pop, and I can assure you they've all ready paid for themselves.  I even spend an extra $10 or so every couple months to pay for the disposable liners to flush the poo away. 
And guess what? The next child will be really cheap. If I can restrain from buying unnecessary diapers for fun, we could easily just spend the cost of the flushable liners once solids start.

Curious about prefolds but not sure how they work? Here's how I fold them: 

I start by placing the diaper cover under the prefold. It's much easier to get everything ready before the baby has a chance to wiggle too much.

There are a couple folds to use, but I use what they call the burrito fold. Leave the back wings up while folding in between the legs. 

Bring the fold forward. If the fabric goes up too high, tuck it in before you add the Snappi. Pull the Snappi from one side, grab the other wing and bring it forward as you attach the Snappi on the other side.

Attach the diaper cover. I prefer the ones with snaps, though I know a lot of people who like the quickness of the velcro.

They are a little bulkier than disposables, but for me the benefits far outweigh the bulkiness. Plus, there's nothing cuter than a little cloth-diaper booty running around the house!

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