Monday, May 6, 2013


I did a bad, lazy thing. Back in December I instituted a ban on pacifiers. And it went great. The cold turkey approach took only a couple days and then I didn't have to deal with the stupid, annoying, expensive things anymore. Lizzie was sleeping wonderfully without them. Then we took a trip.

We were flying home so I bought a couple of them for the plane ride. I was nervous. I vowed to trash them as soon as we got home. That was February. In my defense I haven't bought any more since the trip. There's just been one lonely monster that refused to disappear like any other self-respecting pacifier would. 

So I cut the last monster, and the past two nights have been cold turkey part two. The tantrums were much, much, bigger with an eleven month old than they were with a six month old. She struggled, she squirmed, she screamed in my arms, but eventually she went to sleep.  

Pacifiers have a now permanent ban in the Rowe household. I mean it this time. (Honest!)

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