Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sun,Sand and Dirt Cake

It finally happened. Lizzie turned one. It shouldn't have been a shock; it's not like I didn't have a whole year to think about it, but it was. Just a little.

We had a fun time at the beach with Grammy.... 

and then went home for some pizza and some special first birthday dirt cake! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Rusty Fire Pit Rescue

So every few weeks during the summer the local housing "allows" the base families to have a yard sale day. I'm not a huge yard sale junkie but I do occasionally check them out. Occasionally I even find something I want. Like a rusty old fire pit.

I've wanted a fire pit for a while now but I have problems shelling out $60+ for something when I'm not really sure how much I'll be using it. So I was really excited when I found this clunker for $5. 

I neglected to remember to take a "before" shot of the fire pit, but here's a good example of what it looked like.

We bought some steel wool and some of this amazing Rust Stop paint made just for this type of thing. (I honestly had no idea that this paint even existed--amazing!) It only took Andrew an hour or so to sand with the steel wool and then spray paint and I must say it looks pretty darned good. Maybe we'll even light it up for Memorial Day weekend and Lizzie's FIRST BIRTHDAY on Wednesday.

Monday, May 13, 2013


So this is one of those "did that really happen" type of events. One of those stories that will be really good to tell Lizzie years from now when I need a little appreciation. 

It was two nights ago. We were getting ready for bath time. I stripped her down and noticed that she had some  clean clothes that needed to be put away so I set her down. She starts running around her room, a crazy person freed from jail. Pulling books off the shelf, pulling toys out, pulling clothes out as I'm trying to put them away. Next thing I notice a glob on the carpet that looks suspiciously like poop. Then another a short distance away. 

And there's Lizzie squatting over a pile of poop slapping it like a puddle of water. 

After the initial recoil of horror my next question was "did she eat it?" I didn't see her bring her hands to her mouth, and the marinara sauce beard from dinner didn't offer any clues so I tried not to panic. I simply focused on cleaning up the mess and had Andrew Google "baby eats poop." Finding nothing too alarming (hey, at least we weren't the only ones) we go about our business.

Fast-forward to one in the morning when Poo-pocalypse has turned my sweet baby into into a puke monster.  The next six hours go something like this: wake up, puke, sleep, repeat. 

By the afternoon she was running around like a crazy person again completely normal while I sanitized every scrap of clothing and every surface in the house. Just in time for Mother's Day.

Monday, May 6, 2013


I did a bad, lazy thing. Back in December I instituted a ban on pacifiers. And it went great. The cold turkey approach took only a couple days and then I didn't have to deal with the stupid, annoying, expensive things anymore. Lizzie was sleeping wonderfully without them. Then we took a trip.

We were flying home so I bought a couple of them for the plane ride. I was nervous. I vowed to trash them as soon as we got home. That was February. In my defense I haven't bought any more since the trip. There's just been one lonely monster that refused to disappear like any other self-respecting pacifier would. 

So I cut the last monster, and the past two nights have been cold turkey part two. The tantrums were much, much, bigger with an eleven month old than they were with a six month old. She struggled, she squirmed, she screamed in my arms, but eventually she went to sleep.  

Pacifiers have a now permanent ban in the Rowe household. I mean it this time. (Honest!)