Monday, April 15, 2013

Making Friends As a Military Spouse

So I've had a couple of people ask me lately about ways to meet people when you move to a new base. Whether you are a new military spouse or you've had 20 years of practice, part of military life is being forced to continually meet new friends. It sucks. Especially if you aren't a naturally outgoing person like I am.

Here's a couple ways I've been able to make friends. 

  •  Bug the s*** out of your husband. Unless he is deployed, odds are that he's going to be working with at least a couple other married guys. Hopefully, he is friends with some of those guys. Bug the hubby to invite them over. Serve adult beverages. Meet you new instant BFF.
  • Live on Base. Or at least participate in the base activities. Sure, base housing isn't always great, but by living off base you isolate yourself from that close-knit community of military families. On base, everyone is in your shoes and it is easy to strike up friendships when you all ready have so much in common.
  • Join some groups or clubs. I know, no-brainer right? Meet other people with the same interests as you!
  • Get a job. Especially if you don't have kids. It's easy to make friends at work and it can help get you the inside scoop on local gossip. Sitting around all day spending money is not going to make for a stronger marriage anyway. 
  • Facebook. There are so many Facebook groups you can join it's not even funny. Through the group for NWS Charleston, I was able to meet other moms with kids Lizzie's age and form a play group just by posting.

Yes, it can be intimidating to have to put yourself out there, but military life isn't comfortable. It's lonely and stressful and exhausting. Of course, if you have the right person it's also completely worth it. 

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