Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Basket

While deciding what to do for an easter basket for Lizzie, I came across these lovely Pottery-Barn baskets. Lovely and very expensive.  I wasn't completely in love with any of them so I wasn't willing to shell out $24 for the liners and more for the baskets themselves. But I did like the tulle on this particular one so I decided to do an easy no-sew version for Lizzie.

First, I headed to Michaels. Luckily they were having 50% off on all baskets so I was able to get this one for only $6. I picked this because it has such a loose weave and pretty neutral colors.  

Then I picked out some tulle, and grabbed my scissors. 

I measured out the tulle. Folding it in half, I shoved it through the weave going from the inside of the basket to the outside. I then brought the excess over the top and threaded it down through the loop I just pulled through the basket. Originally I was measuring to make it as long as the basket but that became much too puffy so I cut it down a little shorter. Try cutting the tulle in diagonals to give it more of a jagged edge and make it more aesthetically appealing. 

If I were to re-do I think I wouldn't do two colors (or else I would do a blue-blue-white pattern). I don't really need a liner on the inside as I'll be putting some Easter grass in there. Otherwise this was sooo easy and cheap I'm glad I didn't spend all that money at Pottery Barn!

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