Monday, February 18, 2013

Flying With Baby--And How I'm Going To Deal

This Wednesday, we are finally heading home for a visit--Andrew's first trip back in over a year. Unfortunately for us, "home" is Wisconsin, which means flying or a twenty hour car drive. He only has a week of leave so we decided to fly this time. Though Charleston is ranked as the #1 best tourist destination in the United States (as we hear over and over again) it has a small airport, which means no direct flights to Milwaukee or Minneapolis. So we have a layover. With a baby. Ugh.

I've only flown with Lizzie once, when we flew home for her baptism. She was three months old, and I forced my parents to drive four hours down to Chicago so that I didn't have to do a layover. She was good, but that was when she was still a sleepy little lady. Not so much anymore.

Here's some things I'm going to do to help fend off disaster on this trip:

  • Forget the Stroller. (Yes, really.)  By using a sling I can tell exactly where those little hands are, and she stays happier and gets less nervous around all the strangers when she is so close to Mommy. Plus, who really wants to haul it through the airport? No thank you. It's a much braver person than I am who does that.
  • Pack Lightly. My entire carry-on will consist of a diaper bag. (A BIG diaper bag)  Inside will be diapers and wipes, my purse, a change of clothes, a pacifier, and some snacks. Andrew will have a backpack with our electronics and a change of clothes for us. Right now it looks like a nice warm 30 degree trip for us so we'll also have to bring our jackets which annoys me but there's no help for it. I'm not going to bother with baby powder, lotion, all that crap. Just lots of diapers and wipes in case we have any trouble. She'll be okay for a few hours.
  • New Toys. I've bought a couple small, cheap, quiet toys for her to play with on the plane. A new toy usually gets a good hour of entertainment. And I found some key toys! My real keys never seem to get old so hopefully these fake ones will be enough to keep her entertained. 
  • Other Entertainment. I have some interactive picture books downloaded on my Nook that should keep her entertained for quite a while. If that fails we may resort to TV on the laptop or phones.  We don't let Lizzie watch TV as a rule, so it is a really novel thing for her.  I'll really try not to do this because I know that both sets of grandparents will have the TV on NONSTOP THE ENTIRE TRIP. 

Hopefully everything goes smoothly. Hopefully. Travel is one of the few things I get stressed about so preparing helps ease my stress.  Here's a couple other websites I've found that have some good, commonsense travel-with-baby tips. (Baby Center) (Disney Family) Wish me luck! 

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