Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Christmas Baby Photo Shoot

I'm pretty picky about my pictures, so I'd hate to spend a lot of money on a photographer and come out with something I'm not happy with.  The result it that I end up doing my own shoots most of the time. I did Lizzie's birth announcement a few months ago and decided to do a simple Christmas one this week with a few easy props in my house.  (Lucky we moved into the "new" housing on base and have a lot of natural light with some monster-size windows to help.)

My first shot was to do one of the typical Christmas lights in the background shots but I couldn't get the lights to where they looked just right. I hung a flat white sheet over our counter and floor and hung the lights on top.  I used a low aperture setting to focus in on Lizzie's face.  After several minutes of this however I wasn't satisfied and only managed to get one "tester" shot I liked which I converted to black and white with Photoshop.

My next attempt was to use one of my Christmas tablecloths in the background.  I wanted a more classic Christmas look so I made a quick King's Crown for Lizzie with some old Stampin' Up! scrapbook paper I had. I also added some beads to get a little shine.  I liked how these turned out a little better, but didn't think I wanted to use any for my Christmas card. 

My weird sheet/light setup.
Finally, I had a good idea. What I really wanted was some really, really great background light.  Unfortunately, all the windows have grids (is that the right word?) in them so I would have had odd criss-cross shadows in them. I also was not in a professional studio. The sun was low in the sky and at just the right angle to come in nicely through my front door. I decided to string the white sheet between two chairs just where the light hit. I had Andrew standing by in case of any baby tip-overs. I got Lizzie dressed, and I started snapping.  Success! (This all seems a little more epic in my head as I'm writing this with my Two Steps from Hell Pandora track.)

This was my most successful attempt. I got quite a few pictures I was happy with, all using a lower aperture on my digital SLR. 

"Wow. What a great idea using the sheets and sunlight Mom!"

I finally selected the picture I liked the best for our Christmas cards. Luckily, I didn't find that I had to use Photoshop other than to crop to the right dimensions for Shutterfly and add the text.  I drew from the colors in her dress and the lights for the text color.  Not your typical Christmas colors, but I am SO HAPPY with how they turned out. 

Whoo! Done! Ordered! And it's only December 4th...just 52 weeks to come up with next year's Christmas card.

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