Friday, January 9, 2015

Two Minute Attic Solution

Some things in this house, I know I'll have to deal with, for years maybe until we save up to get them changed/replaced. Mainly the horrible flooring in every single room. And then there are things that it seems pretty silly not to change out. Especially when it's so cheap and takes me almost no time at all.

Like replacing the attic cord system to remove this ugly cord.

And also making sure that that GIANT GAPING HOLE on the attic door doesn't suck out all the hot air this winter. (There's a tent for that! Duck Brand attic tent. Five minute assembly. See?)

Seriously, it is so easy to fix.

After a quick search for a sexier cord, I came across this.

 Lowes online. $20. Never having lived anywhere with a pull-down attic before, I never even realized that there was a no-cord attic solution. This means that my 6' 4" husband should no longer be running into that ugly cord, and I can destroy it. 

Installation was so easy. The whole start-to-finish literally took me two minutes. With one minute being a desperate search for a pair of scissors. (Seriously, where do those things always go?)

Just screw it into the old cord hole...

...and hang up the hook in the closet.

Boom! Done!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Paint...All the Things!

One of the biggest things I knew about this house when we purchased it was that it would need a lot of paint. A. Lot. Of. Paint.

Our house has been rocking the same paint scheme since it was built. Seriously. No touch ups, nothing for almost twenty years. Which is actually kind of nice for me, because it means there's that many fewer paint droops and previous mess-ups for me to be OCD about.

Each room needs walls, trim, ceiling, closets, and baseboard heaters. (In the bathroom, especially heaters.)

So, slowly, methodically I've been working my way through the rooms. It takes forever and it's no wonder that I've been dragging my feet. 

But I'm ready to be done with the bathrooms. They were the first things I started, and I just need to get all those little random projects done, so I can be done! 

Which means more paint!

Here's a way way before picture from
when we toured the house.
Because they were the first things that I started painting, this was the first place I also started painting the trim. I was so nervous! The trim in our house is unusual, in that it's basically just a bunch of boards stapled on the wall and stained. I shouldn't have been too worried, I knew white trim was the right trim. So I did one little window and promised myself that if it didn't work out I could always sand it down and re-stain.

It took about half a second to realize that yes, painting the trim white was absolutely necessary. 

And another half a second to get used to the fact that  I would have to paint the trim in the entire house. 

My trim color isn't anything fancy. I had so many paint samples, and simply couldn't decide on one of the custom trim colors, so I just went with Valspar Signature Ultra White from Lowes. It's easy, it's a quick grab when I go to Lowes, and it looks really good.

I've been getting a little crazy about the different paint colors so I decided to keep it simple and re-use colors in other parts of the house to save my sanity and give the whole house a more cohesive look.

The cabinet and closet in the master bath were in definite need of some TLC. (The cabinet especially looked sorry after I put in the new vanity top.) So it was time to white wash.

They needed it. Trust me.

The process is simple. Wipe down and seriously deep-clean. Caulk. Use my handy-dandy Zinsser Primer. (Seriously, I use it on everything) Paint white. 

For the cabinets, I made sure to use a foam roller to avoid brush marks and also mixed some Floetrol to the white topcoat. If you need help on how to do this, there are tons of bloggers who have written great, detailed tutorials. Just do a search.

After just primer.
Primer, plus one coat of white with Floetrol.

The white paint I use is ultra-white which I may come to regret. It looks sharp now, but I know I will be touching up everything often. It also means I had to use three coats to make sure it looked really even.

But I love how it turned out! 

All the cabinets in the house originally had these decorative pulls. They were literally the first thing to go, as we wanted a really quick "make-it-feel-more-like-home" solution. 

We replaced them with some simple knobs, and together with the new vanity and faucet the cabinets look really sharp.

Much better. It just took some paint, $20 knobs, a lucky $16 find at Habitat for Humanity, and my "splurge" $89 faucet from Lowes. The paint was the paint for the trim so it wasn't really any extra cost. Not too bad for an entirely different look! 

The closet too feels so much cleaner with a coat of paint, and I even bought some nice baskets to help organize. I'm definitely going to have to paint the other closets now!

I'm so happy with the work I've done on the bathrooms so far. Andrew has been deployed the last couple months, so he hasn't been able to see any of the work I put in, or obviously help with the projects. (Or really, been able to enjoy this house since we moved in! Agh, Navy!) Hopefully he likes the finished product when he gets back! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

10 Minute Dress-Up Corner

I've noticed lately that Lizzie has been collecting a decent amount of dress up things and of course, I have no space for them. Luckily, I've just removed our ugly old mirror from our bathroom so I decided to put it to good use.

This couldn't be more simple! I simply used some mirror clips to attach the big old thing to the wall, and purchased one of those flexible shelving units to fit the other side. Luckily, santa told me that she will be getting some dress up clothes other than princess-themed things. I don't think we bought her any of the princess things, but somehow they seem to multiply!